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About Sevenco

Over the years, Sevenco’s implementation consultants have carried out hundreds of assignments; as interim CEOs, marketing, finance and sales directors, as production, procurement, property, logistics and project managers and as business development consultants.

Since 1963, our focus has been on delivering change at a moment’s notice and with lasting results and tangible customer benefits.


Sevenco’s carefully chosen consultants are senior, experienced leaders who have worked in a number of executive positions in a wide variety of industries. They know what is required to lead and drive a business towards set goals. Our consultants have experience of both upswings and downturns and are masters of transforming red numbers into black, identifying new business opportunities, getting the best out of colleagues, driving change, dealing with crises and thinking on their feet. Remaining receptive, analytical, flexible and being able to manage major changes are only some of their important characteristics.

No two assignments are the same and each client requires a unique solution.In a nutshell: Sevenco’s management consultants are results-oriented and have their feet firmly on the ground. We deliver.

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The art of management and leadership – interim management

Few people are capable of remaining in charge throughout a company’s development – from start-up, growth, establishment and expansion and through the inevitable crises. More and more, companies find themselves in need of different types of leadership at different times. This is what interim management is all about. Solving a business’ short-term management problems and providing the maximum benefit to the company or organisation’s development.

Implementation consultants

Our consultants enter a company or organisation when change of some kind is required. We are ready to begin work on day one and we see the job through to the end. Quite simply, we implement – which is why our employees are often called implementation consultants. A Sevenco consultant is someone with a wealth of experience, someone who knows how to avoid mistakes.


When faced with change, private and public-sector organisations need to evolve. Action is required, either because something has gone wrong or growth is too slow. Our consultants ensure that this action is taken in good time – what we call implementation consultancy. As our client, you will have access to consultants with leadership experience, people who understand entrepreneurship and who have built up many different organisations over the years. Each client and situation is unique and we begin with a blank sheet. In other words, we don’t use any standard templates. Our primary task is to help you to achieve your desired results. As mentors, we help with operational responsibility for implementation.

Where is Sevenco located?

You can find us on Hötorget in central Stockholm, looking out over the bustling commerce on the market square below. The traders on the square are an excellent symbol of any market or business; they represent supply and demand at work. The majority of our clients are based in the Stockholm-Mälaren Region, although we have clients throughout Sweden and further afield. Assignments vary in length, from a few months to several years depending on the needs of the client.

Why umbrellas?

The word umbrella is derived from the Italian ombrella, a diminutive of ombra, or shade. Throughout history, the umbrella has been a symbol of protection, support, wealth, power and respectability. It is also said to bring happiness and long life. The parasol is a symbol of protection from the sun. just as the umbrella is from the rain. Originating over 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, Syria, India and China, the umbrella and parasol quickly became coveted items.

For us here at Sevenco, the umbrella is a symbol of the assistance and support we provide as management consultants.


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Interim Management

An interim manager is an extremely experienced and specialised temporary executive who over a short period of time will step in to manage change or transition or solve a specific business problem.

Business Consultation

Our business consultants have experience in a wide variety of leadership roles as well as relevant industry experience.

Project Management

Management of complex projects, where the role includes managing, leading and coordinating all activities and functions within the project framework towards clear business goals.

Our History


1963 Sevenco Grundades


The company was founded in 1963 by Caj Sigstam, Bengt Stahre and Harald Marthins and was one of the first management and business consultancy firms in Sweden. The name Sevenco is an abbreviation of seven consultants and the original idea was that the company would consist of just that. However, the company quickly grew beyond that number.



Sevenco was an early adopter of NASA’s PERT method. PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) is used to calculate and predict critical points and their interdependence within complex project planning. NASA’s aim was to win the space race and put the first man on the moon and Sevenco became Sweden’s first and, at that time largest, user of the PERT method.



Pilot projects, planning and infrastructure projects made up the majority of the company’s assignments. Notable jobs included the expansion of Järvafältet, Ormingestaden on behalf of HSB, the renovation of Danderyd Hospital and the construction of Huddinge Hospital. One of Bengt’s colleagues, consultant Sven Sandström, who was involved in the Huddinge project, went on to become managing director of the World Bank in Washington.



In order to develop himself, around 1973 founder Bengt Stahre decided to rent out his own services as chief executive, becoming one of Sweden’s first interim CEOs. Over the next 20 years, his intervention was instrumental in solving a variety of situations and problems for his clients. Caj Sigstam chose to specialise on defaulted payments and soon found himself working with a foundation facing major challenges. The Promobilia Foundation is still in existence and in 1999 it sold its Permobil wheelchair business for SEK 3 billion. As of 2017, founder Caj is still active in the foundation, ensuring that various projects in the field are able to receive funding.



A number of the company’s consultants wrote an acclaimed book, Lindansarna – om konsten att leda intresseorganisationer (Tightrope Walkers – On the art of leading interest organisations). (Bauer/Eisler/Halberg/Jackert, ISBN 91-87026-16-3).



Having the right expertise and experience, to know your stuff, is more important than ever. The business world is always changing, and much has happened since Sevenco started. We continue to ensure that we provide high levels of quality and expertise and that we deliver results.


Quality and value creation stand the test of time

Maintaining high levels of quality and expertise was the touchstone for our founders, as was their preparedness to deliver – to be able to step in at short notice as a management consultant or interim executive and help businesses and organisations. Their clients were scattered throughout Sweden. Hidden away, we have discovered map books that make one think of brown suede driving gloves, checked caps and perhaps even a nodding dog in the car’s back window. A genuine nostalgia trip indeed.

Founders of Sevenco (from left): Harald Marthins, Caj Sigstam och Bengt Stahre.
Founders of Sevenco (from left): Harald Marthins, Caj Sigstam och Bengt Stahre.