Mathias Andersson

Interim roles: CFO, COO, Change Manager, Business Developer, Administrative Manager, Group Controller or Project Manager. Experienced in: economics and finance in global organisations, consolidated accounts, matris organisations, process development, insurance, management teams and business calculation.
Contact: +46 (0)76 640 00 31 | Email | LinkedIn

Pelle Bjurenborg

Interim roles: CEO, COO, Region Manager, Business Developer, Change Manager, Business Development Manager, Project Manager or Senior Advisor. Experienced in: transportation, vehicles, logistics, M & A and establishing complex operations.
Contact: +46 (0)72 172 90 00 | Email | LinkedIn

Björn Dellås

Interim roles: R & D Director, Program Director, Business Advisor or Marketing Director. Experienced in: change management, product development, innovation, digitalization, process development and quality issues. Telecom, railways, defence industry and consumer goods.
Contact: +46 (0)73 026 23 04 | Email | LinkedIn

Michael Englund

Interim roles: CEO, Managing Director, Business Area Manager, COO, Production Manager, Purchase Manager, Sales or Marketing Director. Experienced in: products and services, FMCG, confederations and Non-profit organisations, production, purchases and logistics. Used to manage complex international operations.
Contact: +46 (0)73 201 83 00 | Email | LinkedIn

Torbjörn Estman


Interim roles: Logistics Manager, Purchase Manager, Sales Manager, Advisor or Project Manager. Experienced in: supply chain management, logistics, transportation, facility management, export & import, in- and outsourcing, security of supply as well as food & beverage.
Contact: +46 (0)70 340 90 02 | Email | LinkedIn

Hedvig Falkenborn

Driven and dedicated Key Account Manager with proven skills and results from B2B sector and complex solution selling. Experienced in service management, staffing and recruiting, insurance, airline industry, revenue management, retail and education.
Contact: +46 (0)70 161 60 60 | Email | LinkedIn

Ulf Fredriksson

Interim roles: supply chain as Logistics Manager, Purchase Manager, COO or CEO. Experienced in: Retail, e-commerce, mailorder companies, textiles, interior design, telecom, electronics and battery industry.
Contact: +46 (0)72 571 37 53 | Email | LinkedIn

Christina Frisk

Interim roles: CEO, Region Manager, Business Development Manager or Business Developer. Experienced in: service, staffing, education, competitional low margin industries, business sector, municipal, public sector, organizational and business development.
Contact: +46 (0)76 526 69 35 | Email | LinkedIn

Håkan Färdig

Interim roles: HR Director, Integration Manager, Project Manager for HR, Compensation & Benefits and Due Diligence. Experienced in: global HR-transformation, establish high performing teams, organizational development, M & A, legal issues, negotiations and liquidations.
Contact: +46 (0)76 871 78 17 | Email | LinkedIn

Knut Hansson

Interim roles: Organisational developer, Change manager, Department manager, COO within Economics and Finance, and Project Manager. Experienced in cross functional projects, ERP-implementation, outsourcing, SSC, financial processes, LEAN, FMCG, financial services, logistics and oil & gas.
Contact: +46 (0)70 537 68 77 | Email | LinkedIn

Håkan Johansen


Interim roles: CEO, Sales & Marketing Director, business development or organizational development. Experienced in; B2B industries and manufacturing, consultant industry, executive search, recruitment and buildning service and product organizations.
Contact: +46 (0)70 668 00 12 | Email | LinkedIn

Michael Juniwik

Interim roles: CEO, Region Manager, Business Area Manager, Disruptive Business Developer, Change Manager and Project Manager. Experienced in: Entrepreneurship, Retail/e-commerce, airline industry, broadband, M & A, due diligence, company cultures, gamification, emergency planning, brand development, CRM etc
Contact: +46 (0)70 821 45 00 | Email | LinkedIn

Peter Lake

Interim roles: Business Advisor, Transformation Manager, Organization Developer, Administration Manager (Förvaltningsledare), Digitalization Manager, CIO, COO, Sales Director. Experienced in: IT, Internet of Things, digitalization, smart city, cloud, infrastructure and mobile business systems.
Contact: +46 (0)70 955 81 94 | Email | LinkedIn

Monica Lindmark-Hamberg

Interim roles: Quality Manager, Change Manager Process Manager or Project Manager. Experienced in: global positions in multinational manufacturing industry with focus on Quality Management, Change management, Process management, optimization and continuous improve- ments, consumer products, medical devices, medical products and agricultural products.
Contact: +46 (0)70 530 17 81 | Email | LinkedIn

Lars Löfquist


Interim roles: Technology Manager (teknikchef), Purchase Manager in procurement, as Senior Advisor or Project manager. Experienced in: telecom, IT, broadband, public sector, international transportation and establishing fast growing tech organizations abroad.
Contact: +46 (0)70 999 24 02 | Email | LinkedIn

Thomas Person


Interim roles: CEO, Senior Advisor, Logistics Manager, Product Manager or Purchasing Manager. Experienced in: international purchases, energy, electronics, everyday commodities, debt collection, logistics, tires, steel industry, consumer products, wine & spirit, e-commerce combining the engineering and economical perspectives.
Contact: +46 (0)70 621 12 22 | Email | LinkedIn

Fred Petrini


Interim roles: IT Manager, CEO, Consultant Manager, Program Director, Project Manager or Senior Advisor. Experienced in: manufacturing industry, bank & insurance, oil, public sector, logistics, services, in/outsourcing and IT production.
Contact: +46 (0)70 310 71 10 | Email | LinkedIn

Hans Sandén

Chairman of board/Partner

Interim roles: CEO, Advisor, Product Manager, Sales Manager/Director, Logistics Manager or Project Manager. Experienced in: turn-arounds, reconstructions, M & A, integrations, change management, transportation, logistics, engineering industry, export, electronics, forest etc.
Contact: +46 (0)70 323 95 30 | Email | LinkedIn

Magnus Sonnorp

Interim roles: CEO, Business Devloper, Change Manager or Project Manager. Experinced in: M & A, media, business transformations, due diligence, private equity, pharmaceutical industry, security and real estate.
Contact: +46 (0)73 438 83 88 | Email | LinkedIn

Lars Strömberg


Interim roles: CEO, Business Area Manager, strategical advisor or executive support. Experienced in: services, recruitment & staffing, security, transportation, public sector, 24/7 accessibility and industries with intense need of staff.
Contact: +46 (0)70 577 66 54 | Email | LinkedIn

Brita Sohlberg

Interim roles: CEO, Change Manager, Negotiator, Information/ PR Manager and Project Manager. Experienced in national as well as international business negotiations, media, TV-productions and formats, establishing and expanding new companies, products and services. Appreciated team player with proven skills in leadership and management.
Contact: +46 (0)708 330 550 | Email | LinkedIn

Boel Sundvall

Interim roles: Investor Relations Manager, Change Manager, Communications Manager and Project Manager. Experienced in: capital market, publicly quoted companies, stock market, CSR/sustainability, sales and communication.
Contact: +46 (0)70 560 60 18 | Email | LinkedIn

Mats Tronelius

Interim roles: HR-Director, HR Manager, Line Manager or Project Manager. Experienced in: building HR-organisations in Sweden and abroad, telecom, IT, SAP, media, public sector and recycling / waste management.
Contact: +46 (0)73 093 93 00 | Email | LinkedIn

Johan Westermark

Interim roles: CEO, Business Developer, Change Manager, Region Manager and Sales Manager. Experienced in high-tech, telecom, IT, embedded systems, medical techniques and industry systems.
Contact: +46 (0)70 818 24 00 | Email | LinkedIn

Mikael Åkesson


Interim roles: CEO, Region Manager, Business Area Manager, Sales Director, Program Manager or Project Manager. Experienced in: change management, process changes, fusions, reconstructions, turn-arounds, energy sector, property, transportation, security, start-ups, M & A, telecom, broadband and IP-service.
Contact: +46 (0)72 324 25 26 | Email | LinkedIn

Lennart Östman

Interim roles: CEO, CFO Supplier Risk Manager, Controller or as Project Manager. Experienced in: finance, sales, change management, production, purchases, logistics, cars, trucks, buses and pump industries, China authority, M & A and establishing industries abroad.
Contact: +46 (0)70 439 24 39 | Email | LinkedIn