Pelle Bjurenborg

Interim roles: CEO, COO, Region Manager, Business Developer, Change Manager, Business Development Manager, Project Manager or Senior Advisor. Experienced in: transportation, vehicles, logistics, M & A and establishing complex operations.
Contact: +46 (0)72 172 90 00 | Email | LinkedIn

Torbjörn Callvik

Interim roles: CEO, Business Area Manager, Business Advisor to board of directors or executive management teams. Experienced in: finance, insurance, facility management investments, education and strategic competence development.
Contact: +46 (0)70 680 29 55 | Email | LinkedIn

Lisa Carlson

Interim roles: Change Manager, Executive support, Project Manager in business development, Head of Department or Legal Counsil. Experienced within: international concerns, transportation, logistics and infrastructure. Skilled in French and American business culture.
Contact: +46 (0)72 387 82 46 | Email | LinkedIn

Anna Carlsson

Interim roles: Business Development, Sales Director, Human Resources strategies, Consultant Director and Project Director. Experienced in IT, HR, AI, Digitalization, M & A, solution selling, Talent Management and People Analytics.
Contact: +46 (0)73 598 29 75 | Email | LinkedIn

Björn Dellås

Interim roles: R & D Director, Program Director, Business Advisor or Marketing Director. Experienced in: change management, product development, innovation, digitalization, process development and quality issues. Telecom, railways, defence industry and consumer goods.
Contact: +46 (0)73 026 23 04 | Email | LinkedIn

Michael Englund

Interim roles: CEO, Managing Director, Business Area Manager, COO, Production Manager, Purchase Manager, Sales or Marketing Director. Experienced in: products and services, FMCG, confederations and Non-profit organisations, production, purchases and logistics. Used to manage complex international operations.
Contact: +46 (0)73 201 83 00 | Email | LinkedIn

Torbjörn Estman


Interim roles: Logistics Manager, Purchase Manager, Sales Manager, Advisor or Project Manager. Experienced in: supply chain management, logistics, transportation, facility management, export & import, in- and outsourcing, security of supply as well as food & beverage.
Contact: +46 (0)70 340 90 02 | Email | LinkedIn

Ulf Fredriksson

Interim roles: supply chain as Logistics Manager, Purchase Manager, COO or CEO. Experienced in: Retail, e-commerce, mailorder companies, textiles, interior design, telecom, electronics and battery industry.
Contact: +46 (0)72 571 37 53 | Email | LinkedIn

Christina Frisk

Interim roles: CEO, Region Manager, Business Development Manager or Business Developer. Experienced in: service, staffing, education, competitional low margin industries, business sector, municipal, public sector, organizational and business development.
Contact: +46 (0)76 526 69 35 | Email | LinkedIn

Håkan Färdig

Interim roles: HR Director, Integration Manager, Project Manager for HR, Compensation & Benefits and Due Diligence. Experienced in: global HR-transformation, establish high performing teams, organizational development, M & A, legal issues, negotiations and liquidations.
Contact: +46 (0)76 871 78 17 | Email | LinkedIn

Håkan Johansen


Interim roles: CEO, Sales & Marketing Director, business development or organizational development. Experienced in; B2B industries and manufacturing, consultant industry, executive search, recruitment and buildning service and product organizations.
Contact: +46 (0)70 668 00 12 | Email | LinkedIn

Peter Lake

Interim roles: Business Advisor, Transformation Manager, Organization Developer, Administration Manager (Förvaltningsledare), Digitalization Manager, CIO, COO, Sales Director. Experienced in: IT, Internet of Things, digitalization, smart city, cloud, infrastructure and mobile business systems.
Contact: +46 (0)70 955 81 94 | Email | LinkedIn

Monica Lindmark-Hamberg

Interim roles: Quality Manager, Change Manager Process Manager or Project Manager. Experienced in: global positions in multinational manufacturing industry with focus on Quality Management, Change management, Process management, optimization and continuous improve- ments, consumer products, medical devices, medical products and agricultural products.
Contact: +46 (0)70 530 17 81 | Email | LinkedIn

Lars Löfquist


Interim roles: Technology Manager (teknikchef), Purchase Manager in procurement, as Senior Advisor or Project manager. Experienced in: telecom, IT, broadband, public sector, international transportation and establishing fast growing tech organizations abroad.
Contact: +46 (0)70 999 24 02 | Email | LinkedIn

Mikaela Neuman

Interim roles: HR related projects like onboarding, Talent Management, Employer Branding, competence projects and education. Experienced in: coaching, interviewing, project management within HR, communications and consultant profiles and competence development.
Contact: +46 (0)70 918 37 62 | Email | LinkedIn

Lars Nyberg


Business interim roles: CFO, CEO, Property Manager, Project Director, Senior Advisor or Board Member. Exprienced within: International groups, M & A, property management, authorities and public sector, expansion & reduction of operations, integration of operations, change management, finance, controlling, accounting, and Chartered Accountant.
Contact: +46 (0)70 730 30 15 | Email | LinkedIn

Thomas Person


Interim roles: CEO, Senior Advisor, Logistics Manager, Product Manager or Purchasing Manager. Experienced in: international purchases, energy, electronics, everyday commodities, debt collection, logistics, tires, steel industry, consumer products, wine & spirit, e-commerce combining the engineering and economical perspectives.
Contact: +46 (0)70 621 12 22 | Email | LinkedIn

Fred Petrini


Interim roles: IT Manager, CEO, Consultant Manager, Program Director, Project Manager or Senior Advisor. Experienced in: manufacturing industry, bank & insurance, oil, public sector, logistics, services, in/outsourcing and IT production.
Contact: +46 (0)70 310 71 10 | Email | LinkedIn

Eva Ribbenhall

Interim roles: CEO, Region Manager, Business Area Manager, Business Developer, Senior Advisor or Project Manager. Experienced in: devloping organisations with high degree of expertise, B2B products and services, health care, public sector, media, hospitalit and service management.
Contact: +46 (0)70 811 66 19 | Email | LinkedIn

Hans Sandén

Chairman of board/Partner

Interim roles: CEO, Advisor, Product Manager, Sales Manager/Director, Logistics Manager or Project Manager. Experienced in: turn-arounds, reconstructions, M & A, integrations, change management, transportation, logistics, engineering industry, export, electronics, forest etc.
Contact: +46 (0)70 323 95 30 | Email | LinkedIn

Magnus Sonnorp

Interim roles: CEO, Business Devloper, Change Manager or Project Manager. Experinced in: M & A, media, business transformations, due diligence, private equity, pharmaceutical industry, security and real estate.
Contact: +46 (0)73 438 83 88 | Email | LinkedIn

Lars Strömberg


Interim roles: CEO, Business Area Manager, strategical advisor or executive support. Experienced in: services, recruitment & staffing, security, transportation, public sector, 24/7 accessibility and industries with intense need of staff.
Contact: +46 (0)70 577 66 54 | Email | LinkedIn

Boel Sundvall

Interim roles: Investor Relations Manager, Change Manager, Communications Manager and Project Manager. Experienced in: capital market, publicly quoted companies, stock market, CSR/sustainability, sales and communication.
Contact: +46 (0)70 560 60 18 | Email | LinkedIn

Mats Tronelius

Interim roles: HR-Director, HR Manager, Line Manager or Project Manager. Experienced in: building HR-organisations in Sweden and abroad, telecom, IT, SAP, media, public sector and recycling / waste management.
Contact: +46 (0)73 093 93 00 | Email | LinkedIn

Mikael Åkesson


Interim roles: CEO, Region Manager, Business Area Manager, Sales Director, Program Manager or Project Manager. Experienced in: change management, process changes, fusions, reconstructions, turn-arounds, energy sector, property, transportation, security, start-ups, M & A, telecom, broadband and IP-service.
Contact: +46 (0)72 324 25 26 | Email | LinkedIn

Lennart Östman

Interim roles: CEO, CFO Supplier Risk Manager, Controller or as Project Manager. Experienced in: finance, sales, change management, production, purchases, logistics, cars, trucks, buses and pump industries, China authority, M & A and establishing industries abroad.
Contact: +46 (0)70 439 24 39 | Email | LinkedIn